Metro UI Controls

Metro design language is heavily text based design which uses design principles of classic Swiss graphic design. Metro design excludes superfluous graphic and window chrome and it allows actual content to take center stage. It uses large titles and pages with lateral scrolling resulting in clean, sleek user interface that gets out of the way.

DotNetBar Metro UI controls are built to provide you with easy to use building elements for your Metro design based applications. Here is screen-shot of DotNetBar that uses Metro tiles to provide access to top-level application functionality:

DotNetBar Metro UI Tiles

Color choice for Metro based designs is crucial. Metro designs center around 2 primary colors and canvas color. The rest of UI elements use shades of these colors to accentuate various pieces of UI. DotNetBar includes proprietary algorithms that create complete color themes based on only two colors you specify. DotNetBar color theme consist of over 5000 colors and our algorithms will create visually pleasing color themes based on key color choices. Here is an example:

DotNetBar Metro Color Themes

Here is screen-shot of MetroBill, sample application that is included with DotNetBar and shows key Metro UI functionality:

DotNetBar Metro Sample App

Metro designs uses lateral scrolling to reveal more content. Lateral scrolling is touch and mouse friendly. DotNetBar includes SlidePanel control which allows you to slide content in and out of the view without writing any code:

DotNetBar Metro Slide Panel Control

Key Metro UI Features:

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Why Choose DotNetBar?

Metro User Interface

DotNetBar is world's first control set that includes Metro UI controls. Our controls are well designed, look beautiful and are fanatically supported.

The Ribbon

DotNetBar was also world's first control set to include Office style Ribbon control. We provide Office 2010, Office 2007, Windows 7 and other styles with our Ribbon. DotNetBar Ribbon is the best Ribbon control available.

Schedule Control

DotNetBar Includes very powerful Schedule, Calendar control in Office like styling with recurring appointments support, number of views and great customization options.

Gauges and Knob, Dial controls

DotNetBar also includes powerful Gauge control and Knob, dial controls.

Command Support

DotNetBar includes support Command pattern. You can build complex User Interfaces and keep your code simple by using Commands.

Much, much, more...

DotNetBar also includes menus, toolbars, grids, tree-views, and much more...

Fully function trial version of DotNetBar is available for download now.

Metro UI Controls,